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Communities of Practice
Participants at the Data Management CoP workshop
Participants at the Data Management
CoP forum
Members are invited to participate in Communities of Practice (CoPs) being established throughout CSIRO.  
Many of our members have expressed an interest in mentoring, coaching or knowledge sharing. Participating in a Community of Practice encourages these and other such recipricol activities.
What is a Community of Practice?
The description "Community of Practice" is a relatively recent term, though the phenomenon it refers to is age-old. A Community of Practice (CoP) simply brings together and attracts people to share their knowledge and experience in an area, or ‘domain', thereby ensuring that future activities proceed with the benefit of the full range of experience available.
The basic principles of CoP's are:
  • they are a forum for building personal and organisational capability
  • they focus on a domainand are not social groups
  • they are not part of management
  • they will only succeed if there are enough active participants
  • anyone with an interest in the stated domains is welcome to participate
A lot of literature is available on the concept of a community of practice. The benefits to be gained through participation, to both individuals and organisations, are shown to be great.
How do I participate in an established Community of Practice?
CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research are establishing CoPs for domains relevant to the research carried out by the Division.  The Alumni and anyone with interest in a stated domain is welcome to participate in community discussions, to read and add to the relevant wiki sites, or to join the mailing lists and events.
To date, CoPs have been established for the following domains:
  • Data Management 
    • Contact Paul Tildesley - CMAR Hobart, ph: 03 6232 5251. email: paul dot tildesley at csiro dot au 
  • Programming 
    • Contact Bec Gorton - CMAR Hobart, ph: 03 6232 5060, email: bec dot gorton at csiro dot au
  • Catchment to Coast Modelling
    • Contact Leo Dutra - CMAR, Cleveland, ph: 07 3826 7335, email: leo dot dutra at csiro dot au
  • Complex Systems Science and Global Change - more information
    • Contact Danielle Stevens - CMAR, Black Mountain, ph: 02 6246 5627, email: danielle dot stevens at csiro dot au

 To participate or learn more about a CoP, contact the person indicated next to the domain.

CoPs are currently being developed for the domains of Aquaculture and Model Data Fusion (CESM Data Assimilation and Parameter Estimation) and we anticipate there will be many more established at CMAR and across CSIRO in the very near future.   As and when they are developed, the Alumni will be invited to participate.
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