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Frequently Asked Questions
Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the CSIRO Alumni and AxON.  If you do not find the answer to your question here please Contact Us via the web form above, or call Enquiries on 1300 363 400.

FAQ: "I am an existing member of the CSIRO Alumni. Why do I have to complete a new registration form?”


Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the process of registering as a member of the AxON community. We understand that the requirement to complete a new registration form may seem a little disagreeable to existing members who have already provided similar information. The requirement to complete a new registration form is actually a characteristic of the web-based community platform that we use for AxON and, unfortunately, unavoidable.


However, there are benefits as well. For example; each member is guided through important privacy and participation choices as part of the registration process and we are assured of having the latest contact details on file.

FAQ: Why do you ask for so much information on Registration?


Contact Details:

It is a condition of AxON membership that you provide a current mailing address and e-mail address to enable us to communicate with you as needed. This is why these fields are mandatory to complete.


Your CSIRO History:

Apart from verifying your eligibility to be a member of CSIRO Alumni, the information you provide about your time at CSIRO is very valuable. For example; long-separated former colleagues will be able to find each other by searching for other members who worked in their divisions, or at their sites. This information also helps the Alumni Coordinator and organisers of events find people who may wish to participate.


Your feelings about CSIRO:

Our experience is that many former CSIRO members like the opportunity to record their sentiments about CSIRO. The "Feelings about CSIRO" field is mandatory, but we have supplied a "Prefer Not To Say" option. A gratifying number of those registering at AxON have taken the trouble to provide additional comments as the last step of registration. All information in this category is confidential and not able to be seen by other members.

FAQ: What are the password requirements


Passwords must be a minimum of six (6) characters in length and contain at least one number and one non-numeric character (letters, punctuation, etc.)


Passwords are not "case sensitive".



FAQ: Why do I need a password?


The reason we have the site password protected is the same reason Facebook, LinkedIn or any other online community does, to protect member privacy and to avoid spam. In a secure (password protected) environment, a member can choose the personal information they would like to share with other members.

FAQ: Why is my Division or Site is missing from the selection list?


It is possible that a previous CSIRO Research Division, Business Unit or Site has been inadvertently omitted from the AxON website, due to the sheer number of changes over the organisation’s history. Please "Contact Us” if you are aware of a Division/BU/Site missing from the lists. Considerable effort was made to compile a complete and accurate historical list of CSIR and CSIRO Division and Business units and we appreciate your assistance in completing this task.

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